Stop Drinking Coffee

Select the number of coffees you have drunk today and add tags associated with that consumption. "Stop Drinking Coffee" estimates the average number of coffee per day. The application helps you to understand your habits and offers personalized advice to reduce your consumption
Features of "Stop Drinking Coffee":
★ Select the number of coffee drunk in the day 
★ With #tags, you can associate feelings or events with your consumption.
★ "Stop Drinking Coffee" reveals what makes you drink lots of coffee  or reduce your consumption
★ "Stop Drinking Coffee" provides a diary to comment on your consumption
★ World map of coffee consumption to compare with the community
★ "Stop Drinking Coffee" allows tweets tips.
★ Keep track of your coffee consumption with the chart
★ Personalized and practical advice is offered
★ In the application, quotes are hidden ...
★ Data is stored on your smartphone and can be downloaded by e-mail