sex life

Sex Frequency

Pick your sexual activity and add your feelings of the day . "Sex Frequency" collects recorded sexual life and   writtes tags to know what makes sexual activity stronger or weaker...
This app helps you to understand your habits and proposes personnal advice to get better
"Sex Frequency" Features:
★ Pick your sexual activity among 5 selectors
★ With the #tags, you can associate feelings or events to your sexual activiy.
★ "Sex Frequency" synthesis reveals  what makes your activity stronger or weaker...
★ "Sex Frequency"  proposes a diary
★ World mapping of the sexual activity for comparing your sex level with the community
★ "Sex Frequency" tweets  for sharing tips
★ Keep track of your sexual activity everyday with the graph to see improvements
★ Personalized and practical advice are proposed for you to get better..
★ In the app, sexy quotes are concealed...
★ Data are saved on your smartphone and you can upload them by email